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Ensemble Group 6 Part Series

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Welcome to week 3 of the 6-part series by GangScope.  This series is focused on the needs of Chiefs and Sheriffs across the nation, and hopes to spark interest in technology solutions overall.  This week we will be focusing on the most essential consumer item at this point and that is the mobile phone.  The question I have for this week is:

With the emergence of department issued cell phones, are you leveraging this tool correctly?

The cell phone is the new must have item at all times and has lent itself to become the Swiss Army Knife of our lives.  This is no different in the law enforcement space and the solutions out there.  With equipment already at an all time high, the cell phone can be leveraged through applications to add major functionality and work productivity.  Reports, capturing of evidence, internal to field communication, and much more are possible with the right deployments.  You are even seeing, in some cases, field officers with the same functionality as they would in the office.  You have already issued cell phones, so it only makes sense to leverage them to their maximum benefit.

With GangScope, we have grown over the years to include the mobile device into our ecosystem.  With the right configuration, all of your data can be viewed across any device.  This has been really useful for patrol officers who may not have access to a computer, but certainly have a need for more information in critical situations.  We have also recently added functionality in the form of an app that will allow for easy in-field incident reporting that streamlines the process of data entry and allows for instant upload to the system (managerial review can be added).  Our goal is to continue to grow here, and truly welcome any feedback on how we can leverage the cell phone even further.  Until next timeā€¦ stay safe and continue the essential work of keeping us protected.

The GangScope Team

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