Advanced Reporting Feature

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(video below – 3 minutes long)

Welcome back to the GangScope video series. This video is the 4th of 5 videos to demo features that you may find useful and this video showcases another featured added in the fall of 2020. Our Advance Reporting System.

GangScope comes packaged with an extensive set of default reports that have been built through the years as departments have requested specific reports. With that said, there has been a need for the ability to quickly create custom reports to meet specific reporting requirements.

GangScope unveiled a powerful Advance Reporting System that allows for custom reporting and graphs. The Advance Reporting System can help create individualized reports on metrics for your department’s specific needs. 

Some reporting examples include:

  • custom reports based on information in the database that you can use for investigations/prosecutions
  • reports on metrics like number of Cases, team’s productivity or number of GI’s added last month
  • reports that the department can use for meetings/briefings
  • and so much more. 


There can be hundreds of variations of reporting data possible within the database and the powerful Advanced Reporting System helps you manage them all efficiently to possibly identify critical data points.

To learn more or to schedule a full demo of our system – request a demo here. We would welcome the opportunity to show you how Gangscope can help your department organize and store your data in a secure and compliant way.

The GangScope Team