Purging Compliance Feature

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(video below – 2 minutes long)

Welcome back to the GangScope video series.  I really hope you are enjoying these as much as we are making them! This video is the 3rd of 5 videos to demo features that you may find useful and this video addresses the question we get asked the most.  Can GangScope help keep intelligence and data collected compliant with the Federal 28 CFR guidelines?  The answer is an overwhelming “YES” GangScope can

Have you ever wondered

  • Do we have out-dated information on inactive gang members that needs to be purged?
  • If audited do we have proper documentation on where the saved data came from, who entered the data and was the source reliable?
  • Are gang members, suspected gang member and juveniles clearly identified?
  • Where does the data live (on a server, network drive)  and who has access to the data? Is it secure?

GangScope has:

  • A comprehensive data review system which identifies and notifies when data needs to be reviewed or purged
  • Permission Level Access controls – identifies who can access what information
  • Extensive logging of activities performed within the system; who did what within the system
  • All persons documented in the system are clearly identified as Known Gang Members, Suspected Gang Members,  Juveniles, Acquaintance, Witnesses etc.


From the moment you start using Gangscope you can rest assured that all data retention concerns (purging and review), detailed logging of information, secure access and data reliability will be taken care of for you by the system. This is a system that the people can trust!

To learn more or to schedule a full demo of our system – request a demo here. We would welcome the opportunity to show you how Gangscope can help your department organize and store your data in a secure and compliant way.

The GangScope Team