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Ensemble Group 6 Part Series

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Welcome to the final installment of the 6 part series focusing around the needs of Chiefs and Sheriffs around the country.  This one will be very simple and would really welcome your thoughts and feedback here.

Are your systems able to talk to each other?

In a recent Police 1 survey taken June 2020 around What Frustrates You on the Job, the question was asked “What can your agency do to reduce frustration?”  The number one answer at 30% was “Fewer Logins/ Unified System for all Functions” followed by 26% saying “Provide Updated/Current CAD/RMS Software”.  From a technology standpoint, the problem and the solution are tied into one.  The best systems focus on one thing in particular and do it really well, but they also include integration hooks built onto the backend that allow them to communicate with other systems without daily human interaction.  These allow your gang database, for example, to talk with your RMS/CAD.  You may have a state database that may require information placed there as well, and these can also be integrated into.  Most of this will be custom engineering work, however the benefits are endless.  Time savings, improved morale, and single input data entry are just the start.  This is also not limited to strictly on-site applications as real time details from from your correctional facility or probations can also be leveraged.  The goal here is to bring automation into your department so that police can do what police do best, and that is not typing on computers all day.

GangScope leverages this integration mentality from the ground up, and has several automation features built in to significantly save time across various daily policing tasks.  To add, we have a team of dedicated engineers who can assist with custom integration into systems that may not traditionally talk together, including state run overarching databases that a local department might need to upload into.  Our team, before deployment, will take into account all systems in place and the workflow attached to them.  With that, we can strategically decide where to invest time in automating process.  We have saved analysts and field officers hours daily just on data entry by allowing systems to communicate seamlessly. With that said, integration is almost always unique to the department and it’s needs, so planning and strategy will be crucial here.  To learn about best practices here, feel free to reach out.  Until next time… stay safe and continue the essential work of keeping us protected.

The GangScope Team

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