GangScope – 28 CFR Features

Ensemble Group 28 CFR

Keeping your data compliant  is one of the ways GangScope stays committed to helping you be more efficient.  The 28 CFR Part 23 guidelines are exactly what GangScope was built around and will allow for full compliance with your gang database. 

The breakdown below briefly explains how we can assist and where, but most of this is done behind the scenes of GangScope. This allows you to focus on what you do best!

28 CFR Guideline Features

28 CFR Part 23 is a federal regulation that provides guidance to law enforcement agencies on the implementation standards for operating criminal Intelligence systems.

Secure Access
  • Access is only given to authorized and approved individuals
  • Active Directory or self‐administered User Management is available
  • Permission Level Access controls who can access what information
  • Clear classifications between Known gang members vs Suspected individuals o Clearly identifies Juveniles when their information is being viewed

Purge & Review
  • Purge notifications are sent once a gang member has met purge criteria
  • Purge system supports incarceration holds
  • Periodic reviews to make sure data stays up to date
  • Comprehensive Supervisor review system helps improve the quality of data
  • Source reliability can be identified
  • Name(s) of submitting agency(ies) and submitter’s name(s)
  • Date is required (used for purging criteria)
  • Gang Activity Criteria – Qualifiers‐ can be identified per incident reported and configurable by agency
  • Witnesses and Acquaintances who are individuals that are not suspected of criminal activity can be kept and are clearly identified.
Logs & Adult
  • Extensive logging – Dissemination of Information/Viewing/Printing | Creation of GIs | Approvals | Viewing of Reports | and many more activities are all logged for audit purposes
  • When printing Court Document, a record of who is requesting information and reason for release is captured
  • Most reports feature Excel/CSV Export option – and will be logged ‐ Hosting
  • Networked – In house Version will be secured by agency network
  • Cloud Version – is housed on an AWS or AZURE Government Cloud environment


For a deeper dive into how compliance matters to your department, give us a call at 833-664-2647 or simply respond back to the email you received.  We truly look forward to learning more about your unique department structure and what tools we may have to assist with gang and/or general investigations.