Working Remotely with GangScope

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Technology has been the savior for so many businesses right now. It’s allowing them to work remotely and continue to communicate at a high level. GangScope is right there with those technologies. Now more than ever, companies are re-evaluating their technology and communication. “How can we work better, faster, and safer.” That’s where GangScope can help.

 “Amid the pandemic, law enforcement officers are trying to strike a balancing act between protecting civilians and protecting themselves.”

– Sheriff Daron Hall to Time Magazine.

We ask you to look to GangScope as a means towards remote investigating and a perfect tool for assisting departments during this quarantine and beyond.

At the base level, our software allows access from any authorized device including phones, laptops, or tablets.  This allows officers to connect to their information without having to share devices or go into the office, which may not be an option.

Analysts can be fully remote, all while working securely.

Supervisors can get notified of all changes, as well as keep up with automated compliance, even if their teams are remote.

This also applies to Task Force units, if your team operates across departments or borders, we can connect you together to share information, incidents, and other investigative tools to better your fight against crime.

But we would like to end this on a positive note.  While things are down, they are not all lost!

The hopeful news is as of April 15th, there are countless articles highlighting officers recovering and returning back to work.  From St. Louis to Dallas, to Baltimore, to even New York City we see trends of officers fighting this virus. Stay strong and stay safe.

The GangScope Team