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(video below – 4 minutes long)

Welcome back to the GangScope video series.  This video is the 2nd of 5 videos to demo features that you may find useful and would add to your toolbox of gang investigations.  These unique solutions, we predict, will help to organize your data and allow you to solve crimes faster.

Today’s brief video presentation will illustrate our Advanced Search tool which is one of GangScope’s classic features. 

Information is often discovered and attached to many different incidents in the database.  One may help to uncover a social media profile.  There may be another time where a tattoo is documented.  You might even luck up on a traffic stop that includes a relevant license plate.  All of these pieces of information can be captured and documented but are never connected to each other.  This is where GangScope’s advanced search can help.  You may only know a few points of identification; however the system can fill in the blanks and create those connections.

Some major use cases include:

  • Finding someone without knowing a name through other identifiable information (license plate, incident address)
  • Ability to search for someone based on an incomplete description (everyone with a dragon tattoo)
  • The ability to search across multiple points of information to narrow down a suspect (car type/color, associate)

Some higher level benefits to advanced search include:

  • Quicker and more efficient searching for your investigators and analysts
  • Accurate identifications; returns relevant information
  • Sifts through large amounts of data quickly for you
  • Great investigative tool


The right Advanced Search will provide high return on investment for your department with reduction in investigative hours, particularly when it comes to researching data.

To learn more or to schedule a full demo of our system – request a demo here. We would welcome the opportunity to show you how Gangscope can help your department organize and store your data in a secure and compliant way.

The GangScope Team