Police Vast Amounts of Data

Ensemble Group 6 Part Series

Welcome to our first edition of our 6-part series focusing on the needs of Chiefs and Sheriffs.  Today I want to start by posing this question you should ask yourself…

Are we, to the best of our ability, managing all of the data that is coming in from the countless number of interactions taking place daily?

I think to first address this, you must take account all of the information streams that you are collecting: cameras, radio, interactions, car mounted cameras, prison records, social media, field equipment etc. and determine how impactful each is to investigations and policing.  You will find some forms of data will be used regularly, while others may not.  Now that we have our priorities aligned, lets discuss the actual managing of data.

The first data management system UCR (Uniform Crime Report) was established in 1927 and is finally being fully transitioned to NIBRS (National Incident Based Reporting System) nationally with the FBI attempting to make it the standard by 2021.  I say that to stress the point that not much changed for quite some time.  Even NIBRS has been out since 2001, while social media usage has really taken off within the last 5 years.  The need for more robust add on’s are key here to address 2020, and beyond, needs, and you want to make sure your management system can support that.

One more point I want to quickly touch on is that part of management includes allowing the right people to access this data in a timely fashion.  This will vary greatly by department size, with smaller departments maybe opting for everyone to have much more access, and larger ones looking to maybe provide analyst centers.  Look at what works for you.  The right solution should be able to allow for different permissions and teams that can customize access.  While too much is never a bad thing, searching through too much can add unnecessary time so keep that in mind when determining who sees what.

There are so many options out there and I truly suggest taking the time to consider that opening question.  GangScope, for example, is a software solution that provide that management of data capability.  We allow for the input of social media profiles, files, tattoo information, car, associates, and more.  Configurations can include the ability to view this information from the desk, car, or phone with proper permissions.  All interactions can become digital, accessible, and searchable as you see fit.  If you would like to learn more, let’s chat.  Until next time… stay safe and continue the essential work of keeping us protected.

The GangScope Team

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