Paperwork in Policing

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Did you know that:

  • 56% of law enforcement spend 3 hours or more on reporting and other paperwork per shift” 2019 Role of Technology in Law Enforcement Paperwork Annual Report
  • According to the LAPD and time spent on reporting, (Chief Michael) Moore lamented that it has gone from 10-15% of officer’s time 15 years ago to more than 50% today” IACP 2019 Preview: The Future of Police Reporting
  • 81% say that they are concerned that heavy reporting demands create officer burnout” 2019 Role of Technology in Law Enforcement Paperwork Annual Report

Bottom line is that heavy reporting and paperwork demands impact the quality, community service, officer burnout, and safety.


One major cause is the shift taking place in the data collection world for law enforcement agencies that involves moving from Summary Reporting System (SRS) to National Incident Based Reporting System (NIBRS).   With this comes 4 major enhancements to data collection:

  1. Greater specificity in reporting offenses
  2. Collection of more detailed information
  3. Added context to specific crimes
  4. Enhanced ability to analyze the data

All of this new detailed information will have to collected, inputted, verified, approved and shared requiring many staff hours to complete.  From a paperwork standpoint, things will certainly feel like they are getting worse however the good news is that there is so much more that can be done with the data.   And managing your detailed data electronically will save you both time and money in the long run.

Officers want automated solutions according to 2019 Role of Technology in Law Enforcement Paperwork Annual Report:

  • 70% say they need to adopt new technologies to improve the quality of incident reporting, officer safety and community visibility”
  • 65% say technology can help improve data entry within their records management systems”
  • 45% say that technology can help improve officer morale and retention within their departments”

FBI recommends for agencies to use technology to populate the data into commercially available software to create useful databases, heat maps, or other visualizations.  The results can be used for strategic policing, public policy, research, analysis and more.

GangScope is a database software that can help with paperwork demands.  

GangScope will take the detailed intelligence data gathered and turn it into useful searchable information.  GangScope can provide visualization tools including heat maps of gang activity and so much more.  If you would like to learn more how GangScope can help with your departments’ paperwork & reporting, give us a call or find us online at