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In today's world law enforcement departments are receiving less funding and expected to produce more results. We realize this is not an easy task, and this is one of the many reasons we created GangScope. From the start it was designed to help your department make that budget stretch further, and make your officers able to accomplish more in less time.

Currently using an internally made Excel, Text Document or Access Database?

Currently using Paper Filing?

Here is a video about how the transition from a paper filing system to GangScope helped the Corpus Christi Gang Department.

At the end of the video it talks about how they hired extra people to input all the data from their files. We highly discourage this because it has led to unnecessary problems for the officers. A large amount of the data had to be purged after it was uploaded since it was too old and no longer in compliance with 28CFR.

Currently using another Gang Database

While we would love to just say "because our system is better", it's not always that simple. However, we would be happy to give you a free consultation to see how GangScope is able to help your department.

The main goal of GangScope is to help you prevent and solve crimes, during our consulatation if we find our solution is not the right fit for your department and it does not help you accomplish those goals, then we will honestly say so.

Great reasons to use GangScope

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