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Gang Members Convicted for San Juan Murder

March 27, 2013

A year after several Tri-City Bomber gang members were arrested in the beating death of Rogelio Pardo Jr., seven have pleaded guilty to his murder.

The men beat Rogelio Pardo, Jr. with their bare hands and left him to die next to a dumpster at Condessa Apartments in San Juan.


Now the group will be spending anywhere from 10 to 25 years behind bars.

While the guilty pleas' and sentencing won't bring Rogelio back, San Juan Police Chief Juan Gonzalez said justice has been served.

"We're very satisfied that they received sentences up to ten years,” Chief Gonzalez said. “I think the family might feel otherwise, but I think getting the whole cell of a gang convicted is significant for us and for the community."

Gonzalez said without the help of Gangscope, a gang database the police department has been using for years, these convictions might've not happened.

"These individuals were in that gang database and we were able to identify them,” Chief Gonzalez said. “Once we identified one, we identified all of them."

Recently, several groups have questioned the database saying it infringes on people's civil rights.

Gonzalez said it doesn't and it actually keeps the community protected and brings violent offenders to justice.

"We have done nothing wrong,” Chief Gonzalez said. “Gangscope is state funded program. We will continue our efforts with our intelligence checkpoints. When we see violence like this it is important for us to create a safe haven for the community."

Gonzalez said the owners of Condessa Apartments have been working hand in hand with the police department to clean up the area.

So far this year the department has received 40 calls from the complex and have made one arrest.


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